Have you been able to find the detailed plans about the stream, lake, wetland, estuary or beach that you care about on the Environment Agency consultation?

More information: Some waters are excluded from the plans; if you think your water is missing please tell us. Or if you found the plans difficult to navigate, tell us how the consultation could be improved:


Tell us the name of the waters that you care about and the town and county that it’s in.

For example: Lake Thimble, near to Nantwich, Cheshire. If you have the Environment Agency Water body number then please provide this also.


The Environment Agency classifies your waters into five categories from Poor to High. Currently less than 25% of English waters are considered heathy. The information you hold is essential to build up a full understanding.

HighThis means 'really healthy'

GoodThis means 'in good health'

ModerateThis means 'not very healthy'

LowThis means 'very unhealthy'

PoorThis means 'extremely unhealthy'

Do you agree with the Environment Agency classification of your water environment?

Tell us why

For example: Have you noticed that you catch less fish now than before? Do you see less birds, like kingfisher, than you did before? Do you carry out any monitoring of the river and have noticed any changes? Does the water look clean or polluted?


If a water is failing to reach Good status, the Environment Agency must set out the main reasons why it is failing. For example, this might be because there’s too many nutrients in the water, there’s poor habitat, or too much water being taken out of the river.

If your waters are classified by the Environment Agency as failing to reach Good health, do you agree with the reasons given?

Do you think your waters are failing because of a dirty water from a sewage treatment works, or because the river has been modified and there’s nowhere for flood water to go, or because a field is causing soil to run off into the river or because of a big barrier in the river which means fish can’t reach their breeding grounds? Or something else?


The Environment Agency must set out plans to make all waters healthy by 2021. For example, this could include securing compliance with legislation to stop pollution, or reducing the amount of water that is taken out of a water body.

If your waters are classified by the Environment Agency as failing to reach Good health, do you agree with what the Environment Agency will do about it?

Tell us why

For example: Do you think that more could be done and sooner? For example, do there need to be plans to reduce abstraction, or stop pollution or to improve or create habitat?


Do you think your waters have improved in the last six years?


Have you been involved with the Environment Agency cost-benefit analysis on your waters?


Who do you think should pay to make your water environment healthy?

Those responsible for causing the problemThe tax payerThose that directly benefit from the water environmentOther (please tell us)

Do you feel included in the decisions made about your water environment?

Please tell us why

OPTIONAL: If you’d like to continue to work with us to help improve our waters, please provide us with your email address?


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